This September, the metals packaging industry is hosting a Recycling for South Africa campaign with the aim of transforming Gauteng into a cleaner, healthier and happier province.

Let’s get Recycling for South Africa in this fun-filled three-week campaign calling on all South Africans to take part in clean-up and recycling initiatives to protect, sustain and grow South Africa. This pilot campaign will be launched in selected Gauteng communities, ultimately forming part of Clean-Up South Africa Week and Recycling Day.

The campaign aims to bring together South Africans from all walks of life to make a sustainable and significant impact in conserving the environment by safeguarding our beautiful country for future generations.

Recycling for South Africa developed from our partners’ dedication to a land where cans and other recyclable materials exist in perfect harmony with the environment. Aluminium and steel packaging, specifically beverage cans, is the most recycled type of packaging globally. Steel and aluminium are both infinitely and 100% recyclable, saving our national resources and reducing South Africa’s carbon footprint.

At the heart of our operations are a number of key national priorities, including:

·       Advancing education;

·       Developing communities through entrepreneurship;

·       Supporting local talent through performing arts; and

·       Conserving the environment

Inspired by these national priorities, the campaign is broken down into three week themes, namely Week 1 - ‘Recycling for Performing Arts’, Week 2 - ‘Recycling for Education’ and Week 3 - ‘Recycling for our Environment’, each of which contribute to our ultimate goal of ‘Recycling for South Africa’.

Participants are invited to join one or each of the community clean-ups, while also collect cans for recycling at their place of work, their homes or among their friends and family. The proceeds generated by selling the recyclable waste will ultimately be donated to a selected charity that fall within the week’s theme.

CASH FOR CANS | A buy-back centre will be setup for the week in each of the areas to create awareness about the clean-up campaign; to encourage community members to collect and sell recyclable materials; and to ensure that the maximum amount of recyclable waste is collected during the campaign.

Bags, gloves, dust masks and refreshments will be provided – All we need is you!

To get Recycling for South Africa or for more information, please contact 011 4662939 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Recycling for South Africa is supported by the following key event sponsors

Welcome to Collect-a-Can

We have been collecting used beverage and other metal cans for 21 years.  We understand the recycling industry and we actively work within the community to support recycling initiatives and have a strong commitment to socio economic empowerment.

Our Mission

Collect-a-Can is committed to remain the leader in one-way packaging recovery and address the shareholders' responsibility towards the environment by:

  • Ensuring that metal cans and related can production material are effectively recovered.
  • Identifying and exploring opportunities to render Collect-a-Can self-sustainable.
  • Collaborating with stakeholders (government, schools, media, etc.) in ensuring that the environment is taken care of.
  • To encourage and empower entrepreneurs through metal can collection.
  • To assist the people of Collect-a-Can and stakeholders live the mission.   

Our Vision

It is our vision to be the most successful, self-sustaining, one-way packaging recovery company, dedicated to the realisation of the land where metal cans exist in harmony with the environment.

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