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Welcome to Collect-a-Can

Collect-a-Can (Pty) Ltd is a South African based can recovery and recycling organisation with a head office and seven branches across southern Africa, including branches in Botswana and Namibia.

Collect-a-Can founders, ArcelorMittal South Africa and Nampak, started the company in 1993 to proactively address the steel beverage can industry's responsibility to the environment. This resulted in the recovery of all scrap tinplate generated in the tinplate and can-making processes, including cut-offs, misprints, sub-standard fills, and most importantly used metal cans. 

Since Collect-a-Can started, southern Africa’s used beverage can recovery rate has improved from 18% to approximately 72%.

We work actively within various communities, encouraging citizens from all walks of life to assist us in our can collecting efforts.

Our ‘Cash for Cans’ initiative encourages cans to be collected and sold to Collect-a-Can for cash, because we know that recovery and recycling aids job creation in many communities and creates an additional source of income for schools, non-governmental organisations, and other community groups. This initiative safeguards the livelihood of thousands of unemployed South Africans and allows community development across the southern African region.

Our focus has since changed to the recovery of all scrap aluminium beverage cans, as the main producer of cans, Nampak Bevcan, has converted to aluminium. However, we still buy steel beverage cans as well.  The value of used aluminium beverage cans is much higher than that of tin-plated steel beverage cans, therefore aluminium recovery and recycling is a more economically viable option for informal can collectors to earn a living or supplement a low income. However, steel beverage cans are still valuable and is worth collecting.

Why not join the CANvironmentally friendly movement to protect our planet? You can start todayIt just makes cents

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