About Us

Our Vision

It is our vision to be the most successful, self-sustaining, one-way packaging recovery company, dedicated to the realisation of the land where metal cans exist in harmony with the environment.

Our Mission

Collect-a-Can is committed to remain the leader in one-way packaging recovery and address the shareholders’ responsibility towards the environment by:

Ensuring that metal cans and related can production material are effectively recovered.
Identifying and exploring opportunities to render Collect-a-Can self-sustainable.
Collaborating with stakeholders (government, schools, media, etc.) in ensuring that the environment is taken care of.
To encourage and empower entrepreneurs through metal can collection.
To assist the people of Collect-a-Can and stakeholders to live the mission.

For over two decades, Collect-a-Can has been at the forefront of minimising the negative impact of used metal cans on the environment through the recovery of all scrap tinplate generated in the tinplate and can-making processes, including sludge, cut-offs (skeletons), misprints, sub-standard fills, and most importantly the recovery of all types of used metal cans.

We are a recovery as opposed to a profit-driven company, and have proven that we are self-sustainable by managing our operations and cost structures at optimum levels for over 23 years, assuring the respective southern African governments, environmentalists and the public of our long-term stability.

Collect-a-can at a glance

Profit: Collect-a-Can is a not for profit company and conforms to best management principles.
Safety: For our employees’ welfare, Collect-a-Can constantly upgrades safety standards in line with international trends and local legislation.
Culture: We apply the latest work practices and empowerment of our employees. Internal communication and team participation are cornerstones of our culture, together with employment security and the rewarding of dedication and initiative.
Environment: We strive to ensure that our only impact on the environment is a good one.
Common interest with authorities: We treat co-operation with the public sector as vital. Collect-a-Can makes its special expertise available to local and national government policy formulation.