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Collect-a-Can has ongoing partnerships with various environmentally responsible stakeholders, such as South Africa’s Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA), local government municipalities, the recycling industry, manufacturers, fillers and distributers of can packaged products within the can packaging value chain. 

Corporate Social Investment (CSI) projects include projects such as the environmental education, awareness programs and development legacy projects, enterprise development support, job creation, poverty alleviation projects and general public education projects to promote environmental responsibility amongst the citizens of South Africa.


Leading beverage and packaging companies such as Nampak and ArcelorMittal, actively support Collect-a-Can’s operations.






The scrap metal industry makes a major contribution to used metal can recoveries, particularly in areas where Collect-a-Can is not represented, by buying used metal cans as light scrap going forward. Many of these businesses will report their volumes to Metco, adding to a more accurate southern Africa recovery rate. 


Collect-a-Can supports Government environmental policies and co-operates with the various governments in southern Africa. Collect-a-Can often assists with educational material, public participation activities and other support to promote environmental awareness and recycling.

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