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The Team

Our high recovery rate puts southern Africa in the world’s top recognised metal can recyclers, making Collect-a-Can one of the most successful operations of its kind in the world.  

Behind our success is a team of over 80, dedicated to conserving our natural resources, developing our communities and creating a sustainable future by minimising the impact of used metal cans on the environment.

Collect-a-Can’s strategies, budgets and performance are evaluated and approved by the Board of Directors, comprising a non-executive Chairman and members, an executive Managing Director and an additional member.



ArcelorMittal: Mr. G.J. van Zyl (Chairman)
Nampak: Mr. E.E. Smuts | Mr. K.A. Hass
DivFood: Mr. J.P. van der Westhuizen(Alternate) 
Collect-a-Can: Mr. M.P. Prinsloo (Managing Director) 


Managing Director: Michael Prinsloo   
Human Resources Manager: Chris Shongwe 
Marketing and Public Relations Manager: (vacant)   
Financial Manager: (vacant)   
Operations Manager: Johann Gericke


Gauteng, North West, Free State, Lesotho and part of Northern Cape: Donovan Hendrikz 
Cape Province and part of the Eastern Cape: (Business development officer) Melanie Adams
Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Swaziland and Northern Gauteng:  Rendani Rambau
KwaZulu Natal and part of Eastern Cape: Melanie Adams 
Botswana Regional Manager: Lebogang Matlhaku
Namibia Regional Manager (Acting - business development officer): Melanie Adams


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