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Benefits of Recycling

Collect-a-Can’s efforts in the recovery of used metal cans help municipalities, who are feeling the effect of financial and space pressures, to reduce the volume of waste sent to landfill sites – thereby also benefiting the tax payer.

Litter is substantially reduced because used metal cans are recovered from public places and roads.  

Apart from the vast amount of landfill that has been saved, the living environment of all southern Africans has been improved substantially. 

Litter, particularly from discarded food and beverage packaging, is a major contributor to unhealthy infestations and urban decline.


Did You Know?

It can take up to 80 years for a steel can to decompose, while it can take an aluminium can between 200 to 500 years to decompose. 


Recycling protects the environment by:

  • Reducing the use of raw materials;
  • Reducing the impact of landfill on the environment;
  • Reducing air pollution, less iron-ore and oxygen that generates CO2 is used;
  • Reducing energy consumption, because less energy is required to use recovered cans than to produce steel and aluminium from virgin materials;
  • Reducing unsightly and unhealthy litter in living environments.

Collect-a-Can not only encourages the recycling of used metal cans, but also strives for all waste management and recycling from source.

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