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Controlling Waste

According to the National Waste Information Baseline Report (2012), South Africans generate an estimated 350 kg of waste per person each year. This does not include the huge amounts from mining, agriculture and forestry, or hazardous waste which goes to special landfills.

When Collect-a-Can began, there was no unified policy on the growth of waste. The public was sceptical and automatically opposed to new waste site proposals.

Since then, government has given much thought and support to regulations for waste and environmental control. The founding principles of Collect-a-Can neatly complement these:

  • Waste site: Pressure on municipal landfill sites is being reduced by Collect-a-Can’s recovery programme.
  • Separation at Source: The imperative to separate all recyclable materials in the waste stream at source is precisely what Collect-a-Can encourages and promotes.
  • Minimisation of Waste: In the making of tin-plate, can making, can filling, and the disposal of metal cans, Collect-a-Can recovers nearly all tin-plate scrap generated.
  • Sustainability: Recovery and recycling should be “indefinitely enduring” as is Collect-a-Can’s operation.

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