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Steel and aluminium are both 100% recyclable, so we collect all types of cans!


In order to get the highest possible rates for the cans, collectors need to make sure that the cans are sorted according to value into the following three categories:

  1. Aluminium beverage cans, which are the most valuable. 
  2. Steel beverage cans, which are the next most valuable; 
  3. Non-beverage cans including aerosol, food, oil and paint cans. 

Mixed cans and rusty cans will also be accepted, but a lower rate will be paid for them.


Did You Know?

Most aerosol cans are aluminium, but to receive the full value for the can, the nozzle must be removed.


The price paid is also determined by three different processes:

  1. Where practical, used metal cans are collected (at a lower price) from collectors.
  2. Better prices are offered for collectors who deliver to our branches.
  3. Best prices are offered to collectors to deliver their baled used metal cans to our branches.
  4. The price paid for steel changes based on the fluctuating steel price.

For more information about the rate paid, please contact your closest Collect-a-Can branch.

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