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Pull Ring Rumour


We do not buy can pull-rings separately! Rather collect the whole can!


There is a bizarre rumour going around that if you collect enough beverage can pull-rings to fill a two litre bottle, you will be paid R2,000 for your efforts.

After slogging day in and day out to collect pull-rings to fill their two litre bottles, many people across South Africa have been disappointed to find that there is no place which buys pull-rings. Too many misled South Africans are falling victim to this rumour and wasting their time in false hope.

It is important to remember that Collect-a-Can collects the whole can for recycling, not just the pull-rings and collectors are paid per kilogram therefore the more "can" the better.

In the past, cans were made from steel, while only the end (top) and the pull-ring were made from aluminium. Therefore, the top was worth a bit more than the body of the can.

Today, however most cans are made entirely of aluminium and are therefore worth much more as recyclables than they were before.

The good news is that you can make money by recycling cans. Thousands of South Africans earn an honest living by collecting the entire can for recycling.

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