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Collect-a-Can is a metal can recovery organisation. Collect-a-Can is a not for-profit making organisation, which means that any revenue that it generates is used for environmental education and Corporate Social Investment (CSI) projects.

Collect-a-Can is not a profit driven company. In fact, it needs the financial backing of its shareholders, (ArcelorMittal South Africa and Nampak) to continue its operations. The shareholders have committed themselves to a cleaner environment, therefore assist Collect-a-Can financially when necessary.

The cans recovered by Collect-a-Can are not re-used – they are recycled. As cans are 100% recyclable and no pre-treatment costs are incurred, the majority are sent to steel and aluminium mills to be melted and new metal is produced.

Some of these outlets are already doing this and many of them donate the cans to charities or educational institutions which benefit from the proceeds. Others support can collectors who earn a living out of it.

There is no restriction on schools which can enter our competitions. The main objective of the Schools Competition is to sensitise the youth about the importance of caring for the environment and in particular, recycling. 

Since transport costs are the major factor in the economics of can recovery, it was evident that only schools in close proximity to Collect-a-Can branches could really benefit from this. Collect-a-Can therefore strongly promotes the Schools Competition in schools which are in close proximity to its branches. However, with school initiatives and parents getting involved in assisting to deliver cans in their own vehicles, it will create the opportunity for schools from further afield to get involved in the competition.  

Collect-a-Can has recently taken the initiative to assist schools in areas where it is not represented, to become part of the Schools Competition.  Some examples are the Port Elizabeth/Queenstown areas where we have made an agreement with Reclaim to administer the competition on our behalf.

Yes, this is a very good idea. In fact, there are many instances where cans are collected under the auspices of the Body Corporate or people working in the complex for their own benefit.

Collect-a-Can is a joint venture between ArcelorMittal South Africa and Nampak. 

Their objective with the founding of Collect-a-Can was to assist in the beautification of southern Africa. Our natural beauty and the potential it has for the development of tourism is crucial for the future of our country and its people. 

Collect-a-Can is therefore a good example of how the industry can develop a sustainable effort to meet its responsibilities to the environment and in the process, alleviate the plight of the poor.

If you phone Collect-a-Can's Head Office on 011-466-2939, they will advise you which is the nearest branch to you or you can refer to our contact detail on this site.

Prices for used beverage and food cans are adjusted regularly. Pricing also depends on the quality of the cans, whether they are baled or not, whether beverage and food cans are mixed or sorted separately and obviously the price of steel. Aluminium cans has more value so it is important to sort the cans.

To ensure you get the most accurate prices, please phone your nearest Collect-a-Can branch.

Under certain conditions branches offer large bags (on loan), that can carry approximately 1000 uncrushed cans.

Yes, we take all cans. Prices vary according to which cans they are. 

To optimise your income, it is recommended that you sort the cans into their respective groups. The three groups are: 

1. Aluminium beverage cans, which are the most valuable. 
2. Steel beverage cans, which are the next most valuable; 
3. Non-beverage cans including; aerosol, food, oil and paint cans.

Yes, but a lower price is paid for badly rusted cans.

Anyone can collect; there is no need to register

The reason is that people put all types of rubbish into the containers.  Also, someone has to service the containers and we do not currently have the infrastructure to do so, but in some instances private individuals do set up collection points

Preferably beverage cans, because our core focus is on litter abatement. Food, aerosol and paint cans are generally not discarded on the roadside which do not significantly contribute to litter.  We do however accept all types of cans

An estimated 100 000 collectors could be involved in can recovery at any particular time. Most of these collectors recover cans to supplement their household income but for many it is their only income. These collectors are however not employed by Collect-a-Can. 

This drive has inspired vital entrepreneurial endeavours as many collectors acquire basic business skills and grow their own recovery and recycling businesses. 

There are many examples of people who have started their own operation and now have a permanent workforce with infrastructure including trucks and baling equipment

Other enterprises also purchase used beverage cans indirectly as light steel or aluminium. This contributes to the success of Collect-a-Can as the metal cans contribution to litter diminishes. 

Many of them declare their recoveries to Collect-a-Can to ensure proper reporting on recoveries. There are however many which do not report their recoveries, which means that the reported recovery rate is actually much lower than the real figure.

The recovery rate refers to the approximate number of steel used beverage cans recovered in southern Africa and is calculated as a percentage of the total number of steel beverage cans sold and consumed in southern Africa. 

Since 1997, southern Africa has ranked amongst the best in the world in steel beverage can recovery. A total of 72% of used beverage cans in southern Africa were recovered.

The recovery rate calculation and tonnages recovered through Collect-a-Can's branches are verified annually by Collect-a-Can's external auditors.

Collect-a-Can is the flagship of packaging recycling in South Africa. The recovery rate for used beverage cans is currently 72% which is well above that of other recycled packaging materials.

No subsidy is received from the Government.

Collect-a-Can is supported by ArcelorMittal South Africa (which makes the steel used for the manufacture of beverage cans) and Nampak Bevcan (a division of Nampak, which manufactures beverage cans).

The company has managed to structure its operating costs to such an extent that it has proved that the operation is sustainable, therefore providing assurance to the Government, environment and the public of Collect-a-Can's stability.

Collect-a-Can does not collect other recyclable materials. We exclusively recover all forms of used metal packaging and also off-cuts of virgin material from which cans are manufactured.

For any additional information, please email us at or contact our head office on 011-466-2939.

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