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Why use cans

There are many reasons to choose cans over any other type packaging, but here are our favourites:


  • Cans are recyclable;
  • Branding is printed directly onto the can; because there is no need for labels, they are 100% recyclable, thereby significantly reducing our carbon footprint.
  • In fact, cans are endlessly recyclable. They can be recycled forever without loss of strength or quality;
  • Beverage cans’ opening tab stays on the can, minimising the likelihood of it polluting the environment or missing out on being recycled with the rest of the can; 
  • In a year, one beverage can, could be recycled four times, saving enough energy to make 160 new cans. (


  • With Collect-a-Can’s dedication to entrepreneurship, poverty alleviation, education, arts and the environment, consumers are contributing to social upliftment when choosing cans;
  • Collect-a-Can pays cash to informal can collectors; by using cans you are contributing to the upliftment of this informal sector;
  • Schools are paid cash for all their empty cans collected, which contributes to their funding;
  • Cans are becoming a part of our African heritage through the many artists now using cans as part of their works of art and as part of indigenous games. 


  • Cans chill much faster than any other form of packaging;
  • Cans retain ideal levels of carbonation, ensuring the integrity of each beverage;
  • Less “head space” in cans means less room for oxygen, which affects the taste and freshness of the product;
  • The can is a highly efficient and economic package to produce, fill and distribute;
  • Cans are perfectly stackable, taking up less space in your cupboard;
  • Cans are unbreakable, protecting the product perfectly;
  • They are lightweight and easier to transport;
  • The can is resistant to light - exposure to light can affect other types of packaging and damage the contents; Cans are able to preserve food products that otherwise would quickly go bad.

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