Collect-a-Can focuses on a number of key national priorities, including entrepreneurial initiatives, as a prominent figure in uplifting the community. Our Cash for Cans initiative encourages cans to be collected and sold to Collect-a-Can for recycling, facilitating job creation in many communities. Collect-a-Can’s Cash for Cans initiative safeguards the livelihood of thousands of unemployed South Africans.

Paying cash for used metal cans, we have helped many small recycling operations grow into successful businesses. We also assist small operations through providing:

  1. Bags: A typical Collect-a-Can bag will hold about 30kg (approximately 1000) loose 340ml used beverage cans, and is available to purchase by the collectors to assist with their receiving initiatives;
  2. Baling assistance: Baling machines (if available) may be loaned to collectors who can supply ten tons of cans or more per month;
  3. Transport assistance: Collectors’ used metal cans could be collected by Collect-a-Can or our agents at a reduced rate per kilogram of cans.

Should you require more information please send an overview of your company and motivation to the branch nearest to you or phone our head office on 011 466-2939.